Jane Louise - All about me!

Hi there!

I'm Jane. 

A small town girl, I live in a little village at the bottom of the Peninnes in Lancashire. I have lived here all my life & it’s the most beautiful inspiring place to live. Not just the views & scenery - the people are just second to none! Warm, friendly, welcome.

Come to think about it, it's living here that ignited my love for photography!


One morning, I decided to take a little adventure. As I took this spontaneous journey, I decided I wanted to capture the essence of our village one click at a time. Stopping time, just for a moment, in a single click.

Wow, how amazing is that? I capture moments! 

This realisation, and excitement soon developed into a deep love of photography, and wanting to capture others love in the purest form. Not just my town & people, but others too! This is when it all started. I wanted to create memories and still moments for others to enjoy, I wanted to capture true love, joy and happiness. This is where wedding photography became my passion!

Being asked to photograph a wedding is such a privilege. Why? It means I am trusted to guide a couple through the most important day of their lives together. 

Your job on the day will be having the best time of your lives! It will be full of so many emotions, moments and memories, with the people that mean the most to you. 

My job is to capture it all as discreetly and genuinely as possible, I look for particular moments of time that I believe you would want to remember. The mannerisms of your loved ones, the happiness, stresses and joys that your wedding day creates. I want you to remember your day how it was, all the small details and little special touches, the secret smiles and quiet tears, the rowdy dancing and laughing until you cry.

 BUT most of all how you felt it in your heart.


I really do pride myself in my work and commitment, photography makes me happy, and creating peoples memories make me feel amazing!